Example of a Business Instagram Bio to Increase Customer Trust

Sometimes an Instagram bio can confuse online businesses. What should you include? How to attract potential buyers to be curious about the products you sell? And how can you give a first impression that makes potential buyers believe? Here’s a quick overview of the things you can pay attention to and improve to attract more buyers! Why is an attractive Instagram bio important? Basically the Instagram bio is the first thing potential buyers see. In seconds, potential buyers will decide their level of trust in your Instagram account. Of course, with a higher level of trust, the more likely your number of buyers will increase. Also read: Tips to improve social media marketing with.

Why is an Attractive Instagram Bio Important

Instagram Ads Then, how to make an attractive Instagram bio for selling online? There are important things that can increase the level CL Leads of trust in your online business. Information such as WhatsApp contacts, business location, and your motto or purpose should be displayed so that potential buyers can understand. However, the Instagram bio has a limit of around 160 characters. Therefore, you should be able to use this space only for important information as short as possible. Some important things to include include: The identity of the product you buy usa mobile number are selling. List any products you sell. For example, “Selling imported aesthetic school equipment”.

Examples of Business Instagram Bios That You Can Apply


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Add emoji to save character bio. Character limitations can be confusing, but this can be tricked by using emojis. Not only saving characters, emoji will also beautify and make your business Instagram bio look more attractive. Add customer service or business contact info. Information on WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, and others will make it easier for potential buyers to inquire about their needs. Not only that, contact information also increases the trustworthiness of your online business. Include a marketplace link such as Tokopedia or Shopee . If you have a particular marketplace, then it never hurts to include the link. Many prospective buyers feel more comfortable ordering products through their favorite marketplace.

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