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Update that took place on september 1st. 2016. Phil rozek suggested the name, pointing out that it’s fitting because. Previously, we often saw a local filter applied to local results that filtered out profiles that shared a similar phone number or domain. For example, you might have a chiropractor’s office that has three separate listings for individual practitioners and then a listing for the practice itself. These separate profiles would all link to the same website and use the same phone number.


They’ve just been filtered – they’re playing opossum

They’ve just been filtered – they’re playing opossum. What was the update? All the evidence seems to indicate that this particular update only impacted rankings in the 3-pack and Local Finder (AKA local Kenya WhatsApp Number List results or Google Maps results). There is talk of another update that happened right after that impacted organic results. I think the main purpose of the update was to diversify local results and also to prevent spam from ranking. Based on the dozens of rank reports I’ve analyzed, I’d say this is the biggest update we’ve seen in Local since Pigeon in 2014.

One of the main things that got updated was Google’s

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filter that applies to local results. The specificities 1. Businesses that are located outside of the physical city limits have seen their rankings increase significantly. sarasota-vs-gulf-gate-estates I wrote earlier this year about a problem we face in local SEO where if a business is located just outside the physical city limits of a particular city, it has a very hard time rank for keywords that include that city name. These businesses don’t often even drop into a city “technically,” according to Google Maps.¬† After this update, many businesses like this saw their local rankings increase dramatically. Here is an example. Direct Inspections was a company in Sarasota that I consulted for recently. They really wanted to rank for keywords like “home inspector sarasota”.



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