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Of a stimulating work environment plays a primary role in the development.  Of a culture of innovation in an organization. But on the other also of ideas and pervasive tools in the whole organization.A market always in search of new technological solutions . Where the points of sale have passed from passive players to protagonists.

Chief Executive Officer

“Allocation of spaces in the store, timely supplies, support for promotions.  Are some of the activities that require continuous monitoring”. 29 Feb 2016 Giuseppe Goglio Entering a supermarket today. Aisles and shelves are apparently the same as those of 10 or 20 years ago . Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number List But important changes can be hidden behind this appearance.

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The Importance Of Mix

Where only technology is able to help keep an extremely complex situation under control. This is the delicate reality of the Retail sector, from certain points of view also a great opportunity. «We are talking about a market that is constantly looking for new solutions – says Romeo Scaccabarozzi, President of Axiante -. where the points of sale have gone from passive actors to protagonists.


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