Effects Often Used In TikTok Videos

If you want to take your TikTok to the next level, there are thousands of different filters to choose from that can be use in different ways and turn your videos into viral works of art. Let’s look at the name of the hit TikTok effect! Often individual filters will trend on their own, but some stick around if they have seemingly endless possibilities for different creative uses. Here are five of the best filters you can use. 1 Effect Name : Green Screen The possibilities are truly endless with green screen, or green screen video. You can change your background to anything you like, whether it’s a funny tweet you want to comment on, a screenshot of a conversation with a friend, or putting yourself in a whole new sketch setting.

Effect Name Wacky Mirror

There are 74.7 million videos that use Therefore this filter for a reason. Lost The ‘I’m Lost’ filter is similar to Green Screen, but only isolates your eyes and mouth. Using this filter, people make it look like a living inanimate object, imagining what they might say if they were alive. Others have use it to create impressions of celebrities, movie characters, or animals. 3 Effect Name : Wacky Mirror This filter is literally a virtual freak mirror: in video form, it distorts whatever you’re filming to make it look like it’s rippling and jiggling, which makes hilarious all indian phone numbers use on unsuspecting friends, family, and even pets. Others have use the effect to mimic how it feels when you are drunk or feeling sick.

Effect Name Time Warp Scan


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Also Read: Collaborating With Content Therefore Creators TikTok 4 Face Zoom This effect will enlarge your face and the camera will move with your movements. This filter already has 13 million videos using it. 5 Effect Name : Time Warp Scan With a little thought out of the box, filters can be use in a variety of weird and amazing ways. Works by gradually CL Leads freezing the image on the screen as the blue line moves down, or across the screen. 6 Psychedelic Clown The Psychedelic clown filter allows users to apply a vibrant neon clown face to their own, and many have use it to tell some of their most outrageous stories. Even stars like Miley Cyrus have made the most of this filter.

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