Douyin Has Entered Denmark cell phone number a Period of Explosive Growth

The Douyin team once propos a problem that the domestic music video community could not solve: young people who understand China. Let Chinese young people like it, accept it, and use it. Recently. Aurora Big Data releas Denmark cell phone number  the “2017 Q2 App List”. The report shows that the short video application “Douyin” enter the top 300 penetration rate list for the first time in Q2 2017. Aanking 223rd, and its market penetration rate reach 1.5%. In the short video field, it ranks fourth, only behind Kuaishou. Meipai and Xigua Video. I believe that many readers have already experienc the strong expansion momentum of Douyin.

The Douyin Team Once Denmark cell phone number.

In the past few months, this product incubat by Toutiao has swept across major social platforms. And successfully set off a wave of “shaking videos”. Today, Jiguang Big Data will give you a deep insight into this “hot” short video application. The number of installations excee 20 million, and the average daily DAU exce 1.7 million Denmark cell phone number  It can be seen from the penetration rate curve that the installation volume of Douyin short videos began to enter a period of explosive growth in the second quarter of this year. The latest data as of July 23 shows that the penetration rate of Douyin short videos is 2.3%, corresponding to 20.86 million installations. From the trend of the curve. It can be predict that the penetration rate of Douyin short videos will still be in a period of rapid growth in the short term.

In the Past Few Months, This Denmark cell phone number Product .

Denmark cell phone number
Denmark cell phone number

The rapid development of mobile payment in the Unit States PayPal transaction volume double year-on-year PayPal’s second-quarter earnings report releas today show that Venmo. Its mobile payments app, process $8 billion Denmark cell phone number in transactions last quarter, double the $3.9 billion a year earlier. If this growth momentum continues. Venmo will approach or break the $10 billion mark this quarter and $40 billion for the full year.In April 2017. Hong Kong Mayer invest

US$100 million to jointly set up its Asian headquarters with Taiwan’s Little Milk Tea. In the same year, Taiwan Hexagon International invest in 8botea. A tea brand that only enter the mainland market in 2016. Within a year, the total amount of financing in the tea beverage industry exceeded 1.3

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