Do You Have An Attribution Problem

The first gap in attribution is understanding the impact of the ability of online channels to generate offline revenue. Most analytics platforms and their attribution models. Only provide a partial solution by looking at digital conversions and revenue. Not including online impact To say nothing of on offline sales/leads/store visits. Of the two main attribution gaps, this is of the two main attribution gaps. This is one of the easiest gaps to resolve with moderate accuracy based. On extrapolation of information from available data sources to link activity into online to offline user behavior.

The simple solution used by many companies

The simple solution used by .As a matter of fact many companies is to use some kind. Of unique promotion code per channel to bind the attribution. This gives consumers the choice. Of where they can convert and allows you to track the conversion. Google is working to Italy WhatsApp Number List address this attribution issue with its store visits metric. Which uses a number of signals to gauge online-to-offline impact. Including google maps data gps wifi visitor queries and data from over one million opt-in users. Which is then used to create store visit estimates.

Analytics and advertising platforms leverage


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Analytics and advertising platforms leverage mobileAnalytics and advertising platforms leverage mobile phone data such as WiFi, GPS, and in-app network-related beacons. Even mobile ,In the first place payment methods like mobile wallets will help answer the online-to-offline attribution question. While these methods aren’t a perfect solution, Not to mention as they don’t track specific user behavior, they are a start in the right direction in bridging the gap between web and offline. Multi-device assignment The second and most, As a matter of fact difficult gap in attribution concerns the measurement of consumer behaviors and interactions between screens and devices.


Are we tracking consumers across all devices and channels? Can we? It is an attempt to answer the questions “How do consumers interact with a ,In the light of brand on all devices?”, “Which channels do they interact with on each device?” By the same token and “Which device are they ultimately converted to?”

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