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The Qidian Academy will screen the first batch of 200 high- quality enterprises, and in the next year . It will train 1,000 “new talents” for its products, and solve the problem of “difficulty in recruiting” product managers. Why is it difficult to recruit product managers? – Imbalance in the flow of resumesWith the increase in the number of Internet Ecuador Cell Phone Number  companies in my country, product managers are the core positions in the overall product development plan. And the demand for this position is also increasing sharply. According to 51,695 job postings for product managers every day.  51,695 jobs are recruit by 51,695. However. According to the data in Lagou “2016 Internet Workplace Ecology White Paper”. There is a serious imbalance in the flow of resumes in the delivery of talent resumes: 80% of resumes flow to the top 16.6% of the domestic companies.

The Qidian Academy Ecuador Cell Phone Number  Will .

While the reputation is not high of SMEs compete for talent on the remaining 20% ​​of resumes. Experienc talents are hard to find, how about recruiting fresh graduates? Since people with experience and strong ability have gone to well-known enterprises, other ordinary Internet companies have to focus on the fresh graduates: there are 8 Ecuador Cell Phone Number million college graduates every year in the country. A huge number, and they have strong plasticity and large training space. , which is more cost-effective than incumbents. But even so, companies still face many difficulties when recruiting fresh graduates:1. The training cost of fresh students is high Although the Internet market is growing, domestic colleges and universities have not yet open Internet product majors.

While the Reputation Ecuador Cell Phone Number  Is Not High of Smes.

Ecuador Cell Phone Number
Ecuador Cell Phone Number

Therefore, fresh students generally lack product professional knowlge and basic skills, and the company has high training costs from zero education. 2. The potential value of fresh students is unknown Although a freshman is like a blank piece of paper and has strong plasticity, a person’s growth is affect by many factors. How much potential can this freshman apply for and how much room for improvement in the future? It’s hard to see. 3. Cultivation Ecuador Cell Phone Number  is risky It takes about a year for the company to train a fresh graduate into a more mature product person. If the person grows slowly. Will it slow down the team and waste company resources? Therefore, companies always try their best to recruit product personnel. But it is difficult to find talents. The recruitment of product managers is difficult, how to solve them? In order to help enterprises solve the above recruitment problems, Qidian College is now launching the [Product Manager Talent “211” Program] : We will screen the first batch of 200 high- quality enterprises, and in the next year , we will cultivate and export 1,000 “new talents” for them to solve the problem. The problem of “difficulty recruiting” for product managers.

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