Do selective, or use alternative navigation options

The best option is to be selective about what you include in your menu, but for larger or more complex sites this won’t be possible. Luckily, there are lots of other solutions to a crowded menu.

One solution is to create hub pages or and add these to your menu instead. Then users can navigate to the relevant category or hub, and find their way to more specific content from there.

A second solution is to add sub-menus; these are  additional menu options which only appear when the user hovers or clicks on a particular menu area. Sub-menus can be handy, but they can also become cluttered and difficult to use. So if you do use sub-menus, do so in moderation.

The third option is to include a as part of your navigation menu. That way, if a user can’t see what they’re looking for in your menu, they can search your site for what they need. A search bar is a great feature to include, whether your menu is too cluttered or not. But do take some time to configure your search function well, because otherwise it won’t really help.


Don’t: only design your site menu for desktop

It’s easy to forget about when you’re  build your website. Poland Phone Number But that’s the last thing you want to do, especially when it comes to your site menu Switzerland Phone Number design. A menu that looks good and works well on desktop might be completely unusable on a phone or tablet. Now that more and more people are using mobile devices to  go online, it’s really important to consider menu design for both desktop and mobile.

Do: make sure your website menu works on mobile

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There are two options for creating a menu that works on both desktop and mobile. Firstly, you could add a responsive menu with a layout that adapts to the screen size being used. Alternatively, you can create a specific menu for the mobile version of your site. Whichever solution you choose, test it out on a few different screen sizes to make sure the end result is user-friendly.

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