Do I need seasonal photos for my products?

Seasonal photographs can be a great opportunity to differentiate some of the products in your catalog. In addition, they allow to generate a closeness with the client by coinciding with the time of the year in which they live or with a very marked moment in the calendar christmas items know this very well, whose success is undeniable. That is why the answer to the question we ask in the title is yes. But it depends on what type of article, because not all of them can and should not express a seasonal quality that they do not have. For example, your luxury watches or your lingerie, to give you some examples, it makes no sense for them to appear with a spring background. But there are many others who do.

Clothes change every season

Building on that base, clothing is one of the best elements jewelry retouch service with which to take advantage of seasonal photography. Look for the garment, put it on the background of the time of year that suits it, and make the most of your sales . This way you will be able to differentiate them from the rest of the products in your catalogue. One of the strongest times of the year in terms of sales is christmas. Think of those articles that take full meaning on those endearing dates and you will see how the conversion rate skyrockets. You also have the option of advising yourself through our product photography service .

jewelry retouch service

Allows you to creat

That always on the other hand, if seasonal funds CL Leads are a great help for clothes, they are not so for “timeless” or “interior” items. We are talking about objects such as intimate apparel, luxury watches or jewelry. In the end, these objects stand out from the time of year in which they are used. Our advice is to focus on those that are useful or not depending on. The month in which they are used, which are undoubtedly many . e a link with the user the user will always appreciate a reference to the beach, the snow… Everything that brings him closer to the product that we want to put in his station is a great idea.

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