Distance Learning Barriers and Solutions

Since the Covid-19 pandemicspread to various regions in Indonesia, the government together with the Ministry of Education and Culture decided to carry out distance learning activities (PJJ). The definition of distance learning is teaching and learning activities that take place without face to face and utilize technology for the learning process. The education system also began to look for a new innovation for the process of teaching and learning activities during the pandemic situation. The application of distance learning is a new thing for Indonesia, which previously used conventional learning. Distance learning is considered not effective and maximal and there are several obstacles in the distance learning process.

Distance Learning Barriers PJJ

This is because technology-based distance learning requires a different approach in the planning process, implementation and evaluation. In practice, students need more attention, especially infrastructure, adequate internet networks and self-motivation to be able to follow the learning process independently. Distance Learning Barriers (PJJ) In practice, distance learning does not necessarily run smoothly according to plan. There are many obstacles and challenges that occur in the implementation process. As for some of the obstacles experienced by many where to buy german phone number teachers, students and parents as follows: Teachers experience obstacles in PJJ such as tending to focus on completing the curriculum.

Distance Learning Solutions PJJ


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Reduced learning time, so teachers cannot teach optimally. Teachers have difficulty interacting or communicating with parents as mentors for students at home Not all parents have the ability to accompany their children to study at home. This CL Leads is because there are other activities such as work, home affairs, and others. Parents have difficulty understanding lessons and motivating children when studying at home. Students have difficulty focusing on learning from home Increased stress and boredom due to continuous isolation at home has the potential to cause anxiety and depression for children, access to resources Constraints on facilities and internet networks that are less stable in certain areas Distance Learning Solutions.

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