How To Use Device Bid Adjustments

It’s been an exciting year for AdWords. New attribution models, longer ads, responsive ads, and a long-awaited announcement that got a lot of applause at May’s Google Performance Summit Keynote: Device Bid Adjustments

Truth be told, I had a hard time not cheering when we made the decision to add device-based bid adjustments. The online world has evolved so much since 2013 that these adjustments have become a necessity. People still move seamlessly between multiple devices, but for many, mobile has undoubtedly become the top priority.

Translating the excitement of a new feature into execution

Translating the excitement of a new feature into execution, however, can be tricky business. I’m sure you’re all thinking about how to take advantage of mobile, tablet and desktop specific auctions. But what does Google think about what device bid adjustments mean for you and your account?

Speaking of efficient use of time, I think now is a great time to ask yourself if you could completely change your Pakistan WhatsApp Number List approach to bidding. AdWords Smart Bidding (AdWords’ automatic bidding options at auction time) examines the device, along with a host of other factors, directly at the time of each bid. This saves you a lot of time and, more importantly, it can help you improve performance by setting bids that better match the user’s context in each auction.

Keep campaigns consolidated

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I know it’s tempting to want to split mobile-, tablet-, and desktop-specific campaigns in this new world. But I don’t think you should do that. Duplicating or even tripling your campaigns creates a lot of extra work for your team.

Consider whether the benefits of distributing new campaigns will outweigh the costs. For example, by arranging similar performing keywords in the same ad groups (or splitting them where warranted), you can use device bid adjustments at the ad group level to achieve highly optimized performance. You can also use ad customizers to create device-specific messages.

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