Desire, Human Nature, Struggle, Deep Thinking About a National

Everything is well-inform and knowledgeable, and human affection is an essay.” Even playing games is no exception. At the very beginning of this article, I have to confess a fact to my readers: the reason why I have been getting less and updating slowly in the past two months is relat to my addiction to the game “Honor of Kings”. There is Cambodia Cell Phone Number no doubt that “Honor of Kings” is on fire .A s can be seen from Tencent’s financial statements for the first quarter of this year:The operating income of “Honor of Kings” in the first quarter is about 6 billion yuan, and there are currently 3,268 list companies in the A-share market. Of which 3,079 list companies have a combin operating income of less than 6 billion yuan in the first quarter, which is not as good as that of “Honor of Kings”.

Everything Is Well-inform and Knowledgeable.

Games, accounting for 94.22% of all A-share list companies. Some people even said: The continu slump in the reading volume of the public account is not unrelat to this mobile game call “Glory of the King”. It was him who seiz the readers’ time. So they stopp reading. Although in the past days, “Glory of the King” has delay a lot of my time, but Cambodia Cell Phone Number¬† I do not regret it. Because of this game, he brought me a lot of thoughts. I put these thoughts together into this article, hoping to arouse more people to think about the game.Life, and life, and also hope to be addict to this game. Friends help. Cao Xueqin said: “Everything in the world is clear and knowledgeable. and human affection is an essay.” Even playing “Glory of the King” is no exception. 1.

Games, Accounting for 94.22% of All a-share List Companies.

The success of “Honor of Kings” is inseparable from its own excellence There are many people who say: The reason why “Honor of Kings” is popular is because of the big platform of Tencent. I disagree with this. The reason why “Honor Cambodia Cell Phone Number¬† of Kings” is popular is not only that Tencent is a distribution platform, but that it is a very good mobile game itself. Tencent has also made many fail mobile games on the platform of WeChat. Games such as “National Assault”. “National Gun King”, and “National Aircraft War”. However, only this game that is not nam after “National” has finally become a national game. Before playing “Honor of Kings”.

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