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Trema diesis Image source: S&C Type at But don’t put the Thailand Phone Number diaeresis without thinking in every word where two vowels are behind each other. explains that a diaeresis is not necessary for a reasonable number of vowel combinations, such Thailand Phone Number as ao, ea, eo, ii, oa and ue. After all, there is no chance of a wrong pronunciation, because they cannot be pronounce as one sound in Dutch. Examples are chaos, Beatrix and neon. The combinations also do not receive a diaeresis. Think of calibrate, making love, expanding, flyering and hobbyism. As you can see, the Thailand Phone Number diacritical mark is use regularly in Dutch, but you will also see this diacritic sign in Catalan, French and Greek.

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Historically, the diaeresis evolved from the Greek Thailand Phone Number and Latin alphabets. During the Hellenistic period, it was used to distinguish Thailand Phone Number certain letters from a preceding vowel sound. Important: Do not confuse the diaeresis with the umlaut, which is a similar sign but has a very different function. Below I will tell you more about the Thailand Phone Number umlaut. Umlaut The umlaut, like the diaeresis, is a diacritic consisting of two periods placed over a letter, normally a vowel. The main difference between the umlaut and the diaeresis is that the umlaut produces a sound change.

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Here’s a typical example of an umlaut in action Thailand Phone Number Glühwein. You pronounce that, thanks to the umlaut, as ‘gluuhwein’. If the umlaut was not there, you would pronounce it ‘gloehwein’. The umlaut is mainly found in German and languages ​​with a Thailand Phone Number close relationship to German, but the umlaut is also a common sign in Turkish. Umlaut Photo source : PXhere The umlaut has been around since at least 750, when Old High German was Thailand Phone Number spoken, but it continued to develop as a sound well after 1350, when Middle High German was in use. Underscore This is a tricky one, because there isn’t just one underscore. The underscore comes in different lengths, each with their own function.

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