Dancing in Shackles, Where Are the Boundaries

In the first place, I hope that the practitioners in the music industry. In what may be the most frustrating stage, go ahead and explore. Let’s burn! The first half of 2017 has come to an end. And the Internet music platform has attracte attention again with a rather sad attitude. According to the latest data from research firm Nielsen. Both physical album again sales and digital music downloads continue to decline in the first half of this year. And a truly profitable Internet music platform has yet to emerge in the domestic and foreign industries. On the other hand. The new issue of “Forbes” magazine made an in-depth report on the theme of “growth of Internet music platforms”. Pointing out that “Internet music platforms are showing a blowout trend”. In the first six months of this year.

I Hope That the Practitioners.

As soon as, The number of on-demand Internet music platforms in the Unite States reache 184.3 billion. A year-on-year increase of 62.4%. The development of Internet music platforms is full of contradictions, and hirollingmolly has always maintaine a cautiously pessimistic attitude towards its prospects. As far as the domestic industry of course situation is concerne, the seemingly in full swing of the Internet music platform will reach its development boundary. Why do you say that? First. Let’s define the domestic Internet music platform. The platform classification is roughly as follows:Comprehensive music platforms such as QQ Music, Baidu Music . Xiami Music, NetEase Cloud Music; Himalaya.

The Number of on-demand.

However. The core of the Internet music platform is to provide music audio-visual services; from the perspective of musicians and content parties. Its core lies in the copyright operation. Distribution. Interaction and commercial value realization of songs; from the platform’s perspective From the point of view, its core lies in the acquisition then and realization of traffic. Affecte by the trend of legalization of domestic policies. In theory. Each platform only provides songs with corresponding copyrights. Music platforms can be use as an important channel for song publicity and promotion. Revitalizing music library resources under active operation methods.

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