Conclusions of the Last Debate Between Marketing Directors on Trends and Needs

What are the needs that the marketing professional must cover today? This and other questions were answered in the debate between professionals from the marketing universe. Organized by emilio márquez and la latina valley on june 21 in the city of barcelona. The debate, which had adinton as a sponsor, has had the following. Companies participating in the Ukraine Phone Number List edition held in the city. 13 confirmed companies: adinton, aervio, aladinia, Ayre Hotels, BMAT Music, Cooltra, CornerJob, La Latina Valley, La Tostadora, MCI Group – Meetings & Events, Mediaclip, Ovation Global DMC, Refruiting and Zorba Marketing.

Influencers in the World of Marketing Micro-influencers Are Very Useful

The optimal strategy: have a first-level influencer (one) that acts as a headliner when it comes to bringing the traffic. It is expensive, but it is the fastest way to make a digital business quickly gain notoriety. However, to establish the brand, to stabilize it,it is advisable to bet on micro-influencers in combination with this top-level profile. In fashion, it is Ukraine Phone number necessary to analyze the profiles. From there, select influencers that fit. There are specific influencer platforms, performance networks to optimize results.

Bid Management Tools Are Hired When the Department

Seeking absolute automation is idyllic, but really complicated by the nature of each of the companies. Optimizing bids for long tail is not the same as for short tail. Machine learning has great applications for Ukraine Phone Number List data analysis in campaigns. Creation and optimization, but we still need to spend a period of time to get consistent data analysis. Google auto-bid is useful in Adwords for big brands (those that invest the most in the brand’s advertising platform). It is a really functional tool, but it is not within the reach of all projects. To contextualize the path that we are going to follow when investing in the campaigns.

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