Competition Between Audience Network and Google

Talking about adsense, in general it belongs to Google which most people know about, therefore this article will discuss Audience Network and Instant Articles. But apparently, Facebook also has a service that is almost the same as Google, namely advertising for blog writers or publishers. Well, the ad is called Facebook’s Audience Network which has recently been discussed by many people in the blogger world . One of the reasons this has become a trend, according to marketing experts, is because of a new policy to activate ads on the YouTube platform . This has caus many YouTube players to switch to various types of online marketing, one of which is blogs.

Then What Are Instant Articles Like

At that time, there were also suggestions from bloggers to take advantage of this Facebook service. Actually, apart from the reasons liste above, there are other factors, namely a feature owne by Facebook called Instant Article. Instant Article and Audience Network are two very relate features. Then, What Are Instant Articles Like? Instant Article is like a feature calle AMP in a blog template . The service is to open content quickly up to 10 times and can be accesse through the Facebook application on mobile or mobile phones. If AMP is only the buy cell phone number list entire blog, then Instant Article is only for modified articles. In the future, will this audience network be used by many people.

What is the Difference Between Facebook Audience


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If you look around, well-known media such as Instant Article have use it a lot to install Ads. In fact, this Audience Network can compete with the ads that Google has. Because, Facebook social media users are increasing every year. The level of visitor needs CL Leads in accessing content must also be fast and not consume a lot of internet data. What is the difference between Facebook Audience Network and Google Adsense? Although the two features have the same service, they still have some differences, which include: Facebook Audience Network is focuse on mobile traffic, meaning the ads they offer only appear on mobile platforms. While Google Adsense reaches visitors via Desktop and Mobile.

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