Choosing the Right Organic Channel For Your Business

In this digital era, it is important for you to upgrade the way you sell your products by using digital marketing channels such as organic channels. This is because organic channels will help promote your products to get more audiences and buyers. You can also use organic channels for free so you can save on promotional costs. In general, organic channels consist of email marketing, SEO, and organic social media. Before determining which organic channels are effective for your business, you need to consider the following important things: 1. Email Marketing We can use this one organic channel when we already have enough customers and know the customer’s interests. Email marketing is effective in keeping buyers interested in our products.

Search Engine Optimization SEO

These are called retention strategies. The right time to use email marketing is when your business is big enough and has a lot of customer data. If your customer database is large enough, then there are 2 types of email marketing that you can use, namely: Email Newsletter: Contains information about the products and services you offer. Email Drip Campaign: Contains a call to action regarding a specific action taken by a buyer. Both types of email marketing are useful for keeping you connected with customers. For example, when a customer has not bought something from your website for several months, then you can make an attractive spain number phone offer. In addition, with an email newsletter you can provide your latest product information quickly and on target. Also read

Email Marketing as a Means to Grow Your



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Business 2. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) SEO has high scalability. With SEO, you can display your article on the first page of search engines so that it can be read by many people. However, this organic channel has characteristics that you must understand. First, SEO provides long-term results. It can take months, weeks or months depending on your website’s reputation, content credibility, and keyword competition. Furthermore, SEO also has the characteristics of targeting based on behavior. That is, our content will only appear if it contains the keywords you are looking for. Therefore, SEO is not suitable if you want the number of visitors or buyers on your website to increase in a short time. Because it has the principle of “You search, we appear”

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