Cashless Revolution: the UAE Cell Phone Number First Half Is Dominated

Have you notice: We hardly ever use cash when we go out. And we pay by scanning QR codes wherever we go. Well, the “cashless society” is coming… The popularity of QR code payment is driving the rapid growth of mobile payment. According to statistics from iResearch. The scale of third-party mobile payment transactions in UAE Cell Phone Number  22.7 trillion yuan in 2017Q1, with a month-on-month growth rate of 22.9%. Under the influence of the “cashless society”. From supermarkets and shopping malls to street vendors. More and more transaction scenarios are being occupie by QR code payment. Not carrying cash has become the norm for many people to go out, that is to say. The charm of cash is gradually disappearing, but the charm of QR code has greatly improve.

We Hardly Ever UAE Cell Phone Number Use Cash When.

In the long run, cash will take a back seat and electronic money will become the new protagonist. A “cashless revolution” from behind the scenes to the front Electronic payment is also booming. On June 8, the People’s Bank of  UAE Cell Phone Number announce the overall operation of the payment system in the first quarter of 2017. The data shows that in the first quarter, non-bank payment institutions processe 947.090 billion online payment transactions, with an amount of 264,700 100 million yuan, an increase of 60.13% and 42.47% year-on-year respectively. Such a high growth rate is actually mainly due to the QR code payment that was lifte in 2016. After the beasts returne to the mountain, Alipay, WeChat, UnionPay and others all launche QR code payment, and WeChat and Alipay starte the battle first.

In the Long UAE Cell Phone Number Run, Cash.


UAE Cell Phone Number
UAE Cell Phone Number

On March 5, 2017, Alipay launche the bonus, the doubling mechanism and the centralize deduction rules are eye-catching. On May 18th, WeChat also reveale the incentives, which are distribute in limite quantities every day. The results can be imagine, shopping malls, restaurants, convenience stores, and wet markets have eye-catching UAE Cell Phone Number  QR codes poste everywhere, and the scan code payment is out of control. Later, UnionPay joine the melee and announce that starting from June 2, consumers in about 100,000 merchants in 40 well-known business districts across the country can enjoy preferential rewards as long as they pay with UnionPay QuickPass card and mobile phone scan code. The reason is that the giant spends money to let consumers experience the pleasure of being the spokesperson of QR code payment.Before that, however, the “cashless revolution” was a less visible move, and QR code payments were a watershe moment.

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