Can Social Recommendation Austria Cell Phone Number Ruce the Burden on Wechat?

In 2010, Zhang Xiaolongbao once express  his criticism of the rundant functions of the product And now the bloat as well as is quite criticiz.  This seems to return to the fateful story of the dragon slayer who turn Austria Cell Phone Number  into a dragon. People seem to likewise  have less and less freom in WeChat. Does WeChat again similarly  still have potential? On January 28, 2011. One week after WeChat went live, Zhang Xiaolong updat a meal: “What I do is not a product. . Which is the first domestic app with the magnitude of 1 billion DAU.

In 2010, Zhang Xiaolongbao as well as express his criticism.

Today, it can be said that it does not emphasize DAU and become the most DAU. Which may  said to  the ultimate manifestation . People believe that there are huge secrets hidden in a small revision of the WeChat public account, that small programs are the future of the mobile Internet, and that video accounts Austria Cell Phone Number  will become the next similarly  opportunity for content entrepreneurship… Zhang Xiaolongbao said that WeChat likewise does not have a standard answer. Just as WeChat’s startup page has not changagain  over the years. “It leaves similarly  the imagination space for users themselves. 1 billion users have 1 billion understandings, and it will find the point that impresses it.”For Zhang Xiaolongbao and for WeChat.

Today, it can be said that it does not emphasize DAU.

Austria Cell Phone Number
Austria Cell Phone Number

On the other hand, WeChat is increasingly criticiz for being bloat. The installation package is getting bigger and bigger, and there again  are more similarly  and more functions.  Poor product experience”. More and more young people “play dead on WeChat and go to Weibo to dance”.


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