How to Avoid Penalties by Being Proactive

As most seos know links are still extremely important to rank. Well in google search results. In fact a recent study by backlinko showed that “the number of domains linking to a page correlates with rankings more than any other factor.

So, it makes sense for most large companies with a significant website presence to implement a regular link pruning schedule. At ymarketing, we call our link pruning process “link remediation”.

The normal way most sites handle a penalty is reactionary in nature

The normal way most sites handle a penalty is reactionary in nature. The seo wakes up one day and finds the scariest email an seo.

Once they notice the manual penalty email, they scramble to analyze their site’s backlink profile. They find they have indulged in too many link exchanges or article marketing techniques.

Depending on its severity, the link New Zealand WhatsApp Number List profile cleanup may take weeks or even months before submitting a reconsideration request. At a former employer I spent nearly eight months helping. To remove or disavow over 260,000 backlinks to remove a manual penalty. The effort was a success. But it was an astronomical undertaking and the company lost untold revenue from organic search traffic in those eight months.

Usually a manual penalty is only reserved for the

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Usually, a manual penalty is only reserved for the worst of the worst violations of Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. A majority of sites affected by bad link ranking issues will face an “algorithmic penalty” instead, meaning the site will lose search visibility following an update. algorithm such as Penguin. In these cases, the SEO will not receive a notification from Google.

One way to identify if your site has been hit with a Penguin penalty is to check your traffic in Google Analytics (or whatever your primary web analytics platform is). If you ever see a big drop in organic search traffic, it can be alarming.


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