Create a Buyer Persona for Your Business

Create a Buyer Persona for Your Business! €“ Buyer persona is important in the world of digital marketing . With a buyer persona , you can identify what consumers want from your product or service. A business is created because there are consumers or target markets who want to use the product or service. This will be easier if there is a buyer persona . What is a buyer persona ? How to create it? Come on, find the answer in this article! What is a Buyer Persona ? According to Social Media Today , the buyer persona is a representation of the target customer that can be obtained from the results of in-depth research. A buyer persona is a picture of who the ideal customer is, what problems these customers face, and how they decided to buy your product.

Research the Customer Thoroughly

So, you have to create a customer profile that looks real in order to find a way to attract consumers. With a buyer persona , it will be easier for you to understand consumers so you can customize content, develop products, and also send newsletters . How to Create a Buyer Persona in Business You need to do in-depth research to find out people who are serious CL Leads or definitely buying your product. As a digital marketer, you can follow these steps to create a buyer persona . 1. Research the Customer Thoroughly You can do research on customers who have phone number in italy used your services or bought your products. You can do this research by collecting some information such as age, gender, location, interests, behavior, and others. You can get this information by making online surveys , interviews , or focus groups .

Understand How Your Business Can Help Customers


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Try to identify whether your customers have interacted with competitors, so you can develop your product or service in the future. Read also Get to know various Marketplaces in Indonesia 2. Know the problems faced by customers Find out what problems your customers face through hands-on research such as engaging in social media. Then, make an online survey to find out reviews of your services or products for consumers who have used them. Immediately find a solution if they experience problems with your product or service. 3. Identify Their Goals Get to know the customer’s purpose in using your service or product in depth. Do they use your product or service for personal or professional purposes. Get to know it well so you can create content and create appropriate services or products.

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