Business on Instagram Who’s Afraid

Currently, Instagram offers many functional features to make it easier for you to introduce and promote your business products/services. This is one of the advantages of Instagram in commerce. These features include: Instagram Shopping Features on Instagram that can make it easier for you to create a shop on Instagram, publish it to shoppable posts, and can add shopping labels to posts, so you can display collections and details on the products you will sell. Instagram Post Promoted Instagram also has a business account post promotion feature. So, you can easily adjust your target market, budget, and also the duration of the promotion.

Advantages of Instagram in Business

Shoppable Tags In addition to posting, you can also add shoppable tags to your Instagram stories to promote and display the products you sell. Swipe Up Often we see the word “Swipe Up” on Instagram Stories. Users display a Swipe Up or See More link that aims to direct the Instagram audience to a business or product page. Wider Audience Reach Advantages of Instagram in business Currently, many people are interested in using Instagram. Referring to Statista data, Instagram currently has monthly active users up to 1 billion and also more than how to get a singapore phone number 500 million users per day. This means that the business you are running has a very large opportunity to reach many new audiences who have never even known your business before.

Easy To Promote Business


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That’s why we know that the Instagram platform is one of the best platforms to increase brand awareness and brand recognition. Easy To Make Transactions Instagram can not only help you in promoting your business. Even Instagram has also presented the best features to help increase sales figures for your business. Because in fact, a third CL Leads of Instagram users also often make purchases directly using the Instagram application on their cellphones. Also Read: Digital Marketing Skills A Must In The Digital Age Here are some examples of features to increase revenue for your business: Instagram Checkout This feature allows your consumers to carry out all the processes from purchasing products directly from Instagram without them having to leave the application.

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