How to Create a Business Account on Facebook

How to create a business account on Facebook There are so many successful entrepreneurs with their business through social media. Social media is now not only used to upload personal life but also business. One of the platforms for selling is Facebook. Before you want to start a business, you have to create a Facebook Fan Page first, if you don’t have one, Campus Digital will explain it Facebook First Create a page on Facebook: Open your Facebook App Click the create page menu Complete information such as name, category and description. Click “create page†Complete profile photo and cover photo Click save After you have created a Business page/fanpage for Facebook, let’s move on to the next step. Visit the business manager page to start creating a business account.

First Create a page on Facebook

Log in to Facebook using your active Facebook account because your account will be connected to your business account. Don’t forget to name your business then click continue. Upload an interesting cover photo and profile photo How to add a cover photo and profile photo is actually the same as the appearance on your personal facebook. Second, What is Facebook Business Manager? Facebook Business Manager is a free or free feature provided by south korean phone number Facebook to make it easy for business people to manage their Facebook Page and Facebook Ads (ads).

What is Facebook Business Manager


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Business Manager is very different from Facebook ads account. Because ad accounts, Facebook Pages, and several other features are part of Facebook Business Manager. Finally, how to create a Facebook business account how to create a business manager account on Facebook Go to the page Then click the create account menu Enter your name and ID After that there are 3 menus, namely Page : create a page CL Leads Ad account: manage People: added admin Do not forget to fill in the name of your business or business. You can learn more about business account managers on your own so you can master it. By mastering the business manager you can manage your business better. Want to know more about Facebook digital marketing? Click here.

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