Build trust, show your testimonials and add social proof

Adding testimonials from satisfied customers is another element that can help you increase your conversion rate. According to Searchengineland, 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.


Also, if your product has been featured in a well-known brand, don’t think twice and brag about it by showing its logo.

Source: Watch Gang

Create urgency by adding specific times for the offer

Users see attractive offers, but they often need time to Netherlands Mobile Number think about them. Unfortunately, in this case the offer may disappear. To minimize this, add a period of time to show that the offer is valid.


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There are many ways to do this. You can display the remaining days or add a countdown timer. Alternatively, you can use time-sensitive words like “Now”, “Tomorrow”, “Limited offer”, or say you have a discount on some products. The rule is that if an item is time-sensitive or limited in quantity, it should be highlighted, as this will prompt your customers to act quickly.

Source: Asos

Offer discounts, promotions or coupons

Let’s face it, people love free stuff or discounted stuff.
A discount is available on the first order, which will help customers who are still unsure about trying it on your online store.

Source: Winc

Provide your customers with a personalized experience

If it’s possible to provide your customers with a personalized experience, do it. Impress people with offers tailored to them and their needs.


In the example below, cosmetics brand Ipsy creates a unique experience for its customers. When you click their call-to-action button, you need to answer two questions about your skin type and product preferences. Ipsy will then provide you with a personalized beauty box subscription. How good is that?

This landing page is a good example because it combines all the tips listed in this article. It’s beautiful, simple, requires no navigation, and contains all the information you need. Plus, it contains one of the most magical words in the realm of selling “free shipping” online.

Source: Ipsy

A/B test your landing page

According to Neil Patel, A/B split testing is the best way to increase conversions. Create at least two landing page versions and test which one works better. You’d be surprised how even the smallest details can affect traffic. That way, you’ll know where to improve your next campaign.


If you don’t know how to A/B test your website, check out this definitive guide where you’ll learn how to perform A/B testing with WordPress.

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