What is a Blog Definition and Functions

Blog has the meaning of  information. Another meaning of blog is an online journal that regularly contains various information such as articles, photos, or videos. Because blogs are online journals, usually the content or topics included are personal things or about the daily life of the blog owner. People who manage these blogs we usually call bloggers. Well, in this article, we will discuss the function of a blog and the difference between it and a website. Come on, let’s see the explanation. Uses and Functions of Blogs There are many reasons why people or companies decide to create a blog. Here are some of their general uses:

Uses and Functions of Blogs

Sharing Room For example, say you like raising cats and want to share your experiences and hobbies on the internet. With blogs, we can share them. Or you love to write but haven’t €œpd†to send it to publishers. Through a blog, you can upload it, so that people who read it can provide input or even the visitor likes your work and wants to publish it. To CL Leads Make Money Is it true that we can get income from blogs? The answer is yes, it can! We only need to be active in updating the blog so that the audience is wider. After successfully getting high enough traffic, you ukrainian phone numbers can immediately use it to earn money through advertising or affiliates. Also Read: 3 Reasons Why You Should Start.

Difference Between Blog and Website


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Blogging Difference Between Blog and Website There are still many who think that blogs and websites are the same thing. In fact, the two are different, you know. It’s a little difficult to tell the difference, because kblogs and websites both load and share information in cyberspace. But, actually there are special points that make blogs and websites different. As we have learned above, a blog is an online journal that must be continuously updated or updated its content. In addition, the blog must also use an attractive design so that it is easy to steal the attention of the audience and maximize its potential. While the website is a bit different. Websites tend to bein other words do not need to be updated all the time . The content on the website usually

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