Big Report! Through Big Bolivia Cell Phone Number Data and User Research

Only two things to talk about today. Dry goods and benefits. Just now, at the 2017 WeChat Smart Workshop PRO version of the “Cashless Day” special session . Tencent, the Chongyang Institute for Financial Studies of Bolivia Cell Phone Number Renmin University of China. And the well-known research institution Ipsos jointly released the “2017 Smart Life Index Report” . The way of user research comprehensively presents a panorama of smart life. Smart living, right now. A new smart life experience is coming. In addition to reporting, we also prepare annual benefits

Only Two Things to Talk About Today.

The WeChat payment team announced that it will officially launch the 2017 “8.8 Cashless Day” event in various cities and with merchants across the industry from August 1st to 8th . Continue to advocate a fast lifestyle represented by Bolivia Cell Phone Number  mobile payment. And lead a fashionable and smart life. manner. First look at the report dry goods:have formed a situation of strong players. And the entrepreneurial opportunities in the education industry are still online; coupled with the technological dividends of smartphones and mobile Internet, the K12 field where capital parents are “not bad”.

The Wechat Payment Team Announced That It Will.

Bolivia Cell Phone Number
Bolivia Cell Phone Number

The most popular in 2014 was “Photo Answers”, represented by various APPs, such as Homework 100. Ape Question Bank. Xuebajun, etc. A Xing wrote an article at the time to criticize that the photo-answering products cut off the Bolivia Cell Phone Number  essence of exam-oriented education. Accepting students with poor learning ability and weak will to learn, and the end-user conversion rate will be very low. Smart” new vest. In 2015, capital sought after the “Tutorial O2O” platform, but since good teachers generally do not lack orders under this model, the inability of tutoring software to solve the problem of skipping orders has become a development bottleneck.

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