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However, leveraging user-generated content goes beyond offering Portfolio rewards or special campaigns around their contributions. If you can simply show community members that you value and respect their opinions, you may find them more interested in participating in your work.

In this edition, we interview marketing expert Bonnie Borland. Bonnie has implemented successful strategies for fashion and lifestyle brands including Honda, Lululemon, Portfolio and Frank Green. As Managing Director, I am responsible for the company’s strategy, direction, and performance. This is the best part of what I do – helping others succeed.I have a lot of advice on goal setting, but it all depends on where the client wants to do business. Whether they want to gain market Portfolio share or enter new markets.

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Ready to activate your community members as content creators? Participants in Kelly Hungerford’s chat offered some ideas to motivate them to participate:

Every day is different, so I try to keep it as regular as possible. When I Portfolio wake up in the morning, instead of sounding the alarm, I head straight outside (before checking my phone) for a walk, a jog, or a trip to the gym. I drink my first cup of the  coffee when I’m sitting at my computer trying to make it the only one but often break this rule. During the day, I either Portfolio work in an office with teams responsible for everything from management to strategy execution, or work with clients on things like hiring freelancers/agencies, developing strategies with execution and marketing teams, digging into and analyzing data, and advertising Series results and more – as I said,Portfolio  the results vary widely!

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Your content work can even benefit from relevant comments posted in the community. Jay Baer and his social media chat participants provided these ideas for leveraging Portfolio feedback (both positive and negative). Rest periods are also important, especially when multitasking. Even for 2 minutes, I make sure to stay away from the screen between projects as much as possible. However, if you only focus on vanity metrics, that won’t help your business. I recommend engaging Portfolio with your audience, staying authentic, and taking them on a journey. However, for each method, we have a different approach. For Honda, we’re introducing their bold new Civic, their first-ever influencer campaign. This resulted in a huge brand boost and a record number of test drives among partner dealers.

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