Best Distribution Center in California (mostly Los Angeles area)

The West Coast has countless speed and cost advantages when it comes to e-commerce shipping. Because of these benefits, it makes sense to consider finding an ecommerce fulfillment center in California. 

First, most of California is close to Pacific ports, especially Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. This gives merchants direct access to incoming goods and reduces hauling costs. Plus, shipping products (or at least some of your items) from California gives you instant coverage of the entire West Coast. It is one of the few locations in the U.S. where fulfillment companies have more direct access to Hawaii and Alaska. 

One downside is that California has one of the List of Real Mobile Phone Numbers highest overall cost of living and tax rates in the US. Even if your business is not in California, partnering with an e-commerce order fulfillment company in the state may require you to pay higher logistics fees. Fortunately, these high costs are often offset by local tax breaks for tech and logistics companies. 

Overall, whether or not you’re looking for a fulfillment center in California will depend more on where your customers live and how you plan to get to the west coast. You will often need to fulfill some of your products from California as it is easily accessible to many West Coast states; these 3PL (third party logistics) companies also have a lot of experience due to the abundance of e-commerce stores in Silicon Valley. 

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So for a variety of reasons, most online stores need a California center. That’s why we thoroughly researched and selected the best fulfillment centers in California. Read on to learn all about them. 

Best Fulfillment Centers in California

The following list explains the top fulfillment centers in California, starting with notable options like Shopify Fulfillment Network and ShipBob . 

All of these fulfillment companies have at least one distribution center/warehouse in California, usually in areas like Los Angeles, San Diego or the Bay Area. 

Remember, choosing a fulfillment company isn’t always about price. You need a partner who can provide top-notch communication, fast delivery, and low error rates. That’s what we found in the selection below. 

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