Benefits of Websites for Schools during a Pandemic

Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, all teaching and learning activities at all levels of education have turned into online learning methods . A year after the pandemic, many schools have provided adequate facilities for online learning , one of which is by creating a website . There are many benefits that are felt when creating a website for schools during online learning. This article will discuss further about the benefits of websites for schools during the online learning period.

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Learning Ecosystem Center

If schools have out-of-the-box thinking to make the most of the school web, they can use the school web as a place for learning information. Like the Google Classroom application, the school website can be a place to provide assignment information and a place to collect assignments. In addition, a place to upload material files and a link to the conference application can be available on the web page. What’s even more interesting is that schools can use the website to attend to their students who come to class. With this, schools no longer need to new zealand phone numbers use other allowance applications to study.

School Information Portal


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For activities whose implementation involves one school, information about the event can be published using the school’s website . In fact, schools can also elect the OSIS Chair or Principal online by creating a voting segment on the website . Schools can also create blogs on the website as school news portals whose management involves members of school journalism extracurriculars or language teachers. With this, the school’s information system will become more integrated and tidy.

School Promotion Media

For people outside the school who want to find out more information about the school, they can access the website that the school provides. Schools can contain basic information such as school facilities and accreditation, the ranks of the school’s board of directors, teachers who teach, and extracurriculars that the school provides on the web. In addition, schools can also create interesting content to upload on the website for school promotion activities. Not to forget, schools can also create their own website to integrate with school social media and also contact school residents for more information. With this system, schools will get maximum promotion and have a good image in the community.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, here are the benefits of the website that schools can experience. Hopefully with the exposure of the benefits of this website to schools, more and more schools will use the website to improve the quality of their schools. May be useful!

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