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IBM’s strategy is then modular, i.e. it does not aim to provide . The user with the entire technological framework. But leaves him the right to choose the  purchase method. A hardware-based system with integrated software, a software-only solution. Based on open standards (especially OpenStack), or an ‘as a service’ use formula (through the SoftLayer cloud platform). Specifically, for the needs of high availability and workload speed.

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The current IBM storage offer is based on the proven DS8000 platform – the traditional enterprise-class disk systems for mission-critical applications – which, however, has been renewed since October with the DS8880 family, consisting of three products. The first Germany WhatsApp Number List With it, IBM plans to set up a commercial approach even with smaller companies, thanks to an ‘attractive’ price that will position it on the low-end of enterprise systems.

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The DS8886 model, on the other hand, is the evolution of DS8870, which it proposes to gradually replace. These two products are already available. The third, DS8888, completely flash-based and intended for large customers who require maximum I / O performance, will be available in the first half of 2016. Another novelty of the DS8880 family concerns the form factor, which becomes the rack standard 19-inch.

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