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WooCommerce has a major advantage: because it is built on top of WordPress you can do a lot to improve your WordPress SEO. WooCommerce is pretty good at SEO and you get a lot more control over it — especially if you install a plugin like the Yoast WooCommerce SEO add-on. This plugin helps you set up the metadata for your products properly, including the necessary structured data markup. It also optimizes the product XML sitemap for your site and helps you visualize your products in Google.


A fast site offers a good user experience and a good user experience helps turn visitors into customers. It’s important to focus on improving the performance of your online store as much as possible. Again, Shopify and WooCommerce do this in different ways.

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As Shopify is a managed web app, performance optimization is in their hands. There are not that many things you can do to Azerbaijan Phone Number enhance it, except for making sure that everything is set up properly and that you limit the use of apps, have a well-built theme, and optimize your images. Luckily, performance is one of the focal points for the Shopify development team and they are rolling out enhancements all the time. Azerbaijan Phone Number Another cool thing is that Shopify comes with a Fastly/Cloudflare CDN by default. If you need more control over the performance, you can always upgrade to the enterprise-level Shopify Plus plan.

With WooCommerce, you can control the performance in great detail. That’s awesome, but it’s also a drawback as you are responsible for the performance. This means you have to choose where to host it and to make sure that even more is set up properly. You need to pick a fast theme, manage your plugins, optimize scripts, get a CDN, et cetera, et cetera. This is awesome because you get to choose which knobs to turn. Of course, it is a lot less beginner-friendly. Luckily, with great WordPress hosting, your WooCommerce store will probably perform pretty well without having to finetune too much stuff.

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