Auto Caption TikTok’s Practical Caption Feature

In April 2021, TikTok officially introduced a new feature called Auto Captions. This feature allows TikTok content creators to automatically include captions or subtitles in videos. The feature works by detecting the sound in the video which is then translated into a text format that is displaye on the video directly. Words for TikTok content can be easily generate by users. Auto Captions are actually similar to subtitles or subtitles in movies, the only difference is that the subtitles displaye can be create in real time based on what the person is saying in the video.

Enabling Captions on TikTok

For TikTok users who have hearing problems, the Auto Captions feature will certainly be very helpful in understanding what the video contains. Steps CL Leads to Use Auto Caption Enabling Captions on TikTok Make sure the video that the user is playing already supports the available automatic captions. You can confirm by clicking the share icon in the lower right corner. If available, later this “Captions” feature will appear between the “Use This Effect” and “Duet” options. Users simply press the “Captions” option to activate or deactivate the “Auto Captions” feature how to get an indian number that is create automatically by the application. The text will then appear in a small pop-up window at the bottom of the video.

Creating Manual Captions


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It should be note that the “Auto Captions” feature can only support videos accompanie by audio in English and Japanese. Users can also enable “Captions” manually via the settings menu. By visiting the profile page and then clicking the three-dot icon in the upper right corner, then selecting “Accessibility” in the “Content and Activity” submenu. Then activate the toggle “Always Show Captions” by sliding to the right. Also read the article Shopping Features on TikTok Creating Manual Captions To display the caption, the user can do another way, namely by creating subtitles manually. It’s very easy, click the “Create” icon at the bottom center. Then press the red round button to record video content. Users simply press once to keep recording the moment until the time limit runs out.

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