Audience Insight as Information Presenter

Before you pay attention to the numbers that have been presented in Audience Insight, you have to look at them first. Audience Insight is a presentation of information that comes from internal Facebook users. The Facebook feature, they have packaged dynamically, which means you can access Facebook user data according to the target you want. Usually Audience Insight as a presenter of information will provide us with details of the Facebook pages they like. Includes, our target (Indonesian people, aged 18-25 years), the top categories that appear (city, favorite food, clothes, popular products).

Error in Audience Insights User

This is a very powerful tool for those of us who want to study our audience. Not only for Facebook Ads, but you can use it for blogging, content CL Leads creation, and so on. Error in Audience Insights User Although this tool is very powerful, but also very often meet advertisers who are still messy in using and utilizing this tool . The error that most often appears is lazy in reading data. Therefore, the purpose of this article is so that when you open Audience Insight for research purposes, you already know what you are going to analyze. Also read: Facebook Audience Insights egypt virtual number To Research Your Target Audience  Interests 4 (Four) Significant Figures in Audience Insights:

Four Significant Figures in Audience Insights


egypt virtual number


MAP number indicates the volume of audience you can reach through ads for the settings listed above. If you enter another target, it is possible that this MAP number will change again. 2. Audience If you look in the “page likes” section, you will find a table that contains pages that the audience likes. Well, in the image below in the third column, you will see the audience. That is, the Audience Number is the number of audiences in the settings you create and engage with on the page. For example, in the first row, you see a Makeup Geek page containing 222.2K audiences. That is, from the arrangements you have made (US citizens, ages 18-65, love makeup.

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