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Best advice for consolidating unnecessary pages? Friesen: We do a lot of mapping to find better places for content and do a lot of 301s. If it’s unnecessary content and it’s not getting any traffic, we’ll take it down. These are really useless pages and a waste of exploration In addition resources. Often content is killed off for corporate reasons (off-brand posts, etc.). Q: Best CMS? Kyne: Every CMS claims to be SEO friendly. We recommend limited feature sets to prevent people hanging themselves with too many options. Friesen : It all depends on what you do with it. You can screw up WordPress if you don’t know what you’re doing. Boser: If it touches on all the things that ScreamingFrog tracks, it’s a good list. Lippay: I love Pixelsilk.

Yesterday Google Webmaster Trends analyst


Yesterday, Google Webmaster Trends analyst Gary Illyes  to access https. Thoughts? Friesen: If you’re running a large e-commerce site with load balancers and Akamai caching etc., I dare you to go to the developers on your network and ask for this, telling them that  Saudi Arabia WhatsApp Number List “Google said we just need to update a certificate or something” and see how they react. Boser: Understand that once you go there, you can never go back. If you ask for a secure link and it redirects to http, the browser will give an “unsecured” message, which is not good. Kyne: I still think people should. We are inevitably heading in this direction. It’s just not as easy as Google says it is. Boser:

How does Google deal with changing links on your page

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How does Google deal with changing links on your page? Boser: This is your site. Don’t get too stressed out about changing the links. If you’re obsessed with it at this level, Equally important it can be absurd. If you’re using data at scale like eBay has, you can switch links and see huge benefits. Hearst does something similar now. Q: When you use affiliate programs like SkimLinks, the links are redirected. Google says that when done right, these links don’t work for SEO. Is it true? (Lots of Laughs.) Boser: If you’re doing affiliate marketing, By the same token you want to do everything you can to make sure Google has no idea what you’re doing. Kyne.



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