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Accepting payments is at the heart of every online store — without it, there is no store. It’s also the part where the costs and availability of (local) payment providers will play a big role. Rest assured, both WooCommerce and Shopify shine on this front. But, one is not like the other.

Shopify is adamant of you using Shopify Payments. You’re not required to use it, but it does have a cost-benefit. Shopify offers tons of payment options and almost every provider in the world is taken care of. But, Shopify would rather have you use Payments as that is within their walls. If you choose a different provider, you’ll notice that Shopify will add transaction fees that might rack up for you. Unfortunately, Shopify only offers Payments in a couple of territories, so in many cases, you have to use a payment provider specific to your locale. This will cost you extra.

Last year, WooCommerce introduces its own version of Shopify Payments called WooCommerce Payments. Yes, really. It doesn’t support everything for every locale, but you can extend this with add-ons for almost every payment provider in the world. WooCommerce doesn’t charge extra for using a different payment provider. Except for the costs that the provider itself charges. WooCommerce Payments doesn’t require a monthly fee, but it does incur costs per transaction.

WooCommerce Payments lets you collect credit card payments in an instant


Setting up your store is only part of the Armenia Phone Number journey, of course. Marketing will play a big role in how and if you can reach an audience that will buy in your store. Having marketing at your disposal right from the backend makes a lot of sense.

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Shopify comes with a number of cool marketing tools, like a Facebook channel, the option to Armenia Phone Number sell on Amazon, email marketing, gift card options, sales and discounts, and much more. Marketing is also where the Shopify apps shine as there are many dedicated tools that are aimed at getting more customers — or to get current customers to spend more. Shopify also comes with an abandoned cart recovery feature in every plan.

WooCommerce comes with fewer marketing features out of the box, but it has a whole app store full of marketing extensions. WooCommerce doesn’t come with its own email marketing feature but does integrate with things like MailPoet and Mailchimp. That means that you will be able to set up your marketing the way you want to, it will just take you a bit more effort to find the right extensions.

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