WooCommerce benefits from having a massive market Argentina Phone Number

While there are about forty themes available in the official marketplace. Resellers like ThemeForest and TemplateMonster offer thousands of WooCommerce themes in all shapes and sizes. Not to mention high-quality individual WooCommerce-proof WordPress themes like Astra. This being the WordPress space, you simply have a ton of options. But, of course, this can also be overwhelming if you are trying to find something quickly.

WooCommerce comes with a solid theme called Storefront, but there are thousands of other options for themes out there


Is it possible to take control of or are you stuck in a system someone else controls? It’s good to have options and, while both WooCommerce and Shopify have ample settings to explores and extensions to add, Shopify feels a bit more limited.

Of course, offering flexibility is great as it gives the user the power to tune the ecommerce site to their liking. On the Argentina Phone Number Argentina Phone Number other hand, it adds complexity and it takes time and effort to set it up and keep it running like a well-oiled machine. As mentioned, Shopify is a closed platform that is built to give you everything you need, but not too much. While WooCommerce is open, free to adapt and turn into something unique. The choice is yours.


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The concept of apps or add-ons is well-established by now. In many solutions, you get a program that is set up to Argentina Phone Number Argentina Phone Number give you the minimal amount of tools you need to get your store going. If you want, you can work within these constraints and build a successful store. But, if you want more control, more insights, more features — you need apps to extend the platforms.

Shopify has a great set of apps you can use, from advanced analytics to email marketing. Some of those are free to use, but the best ones are paid services you sign up for with a monthly fee. These are not cheap and the price level is different from what we see in the WordPress space. Our WordPress plugin SEO Premium, for instance, costs just $99 a year, while, on average, a Shopify app costs around $20 to $30 a month. Sign up for a couple of apps and you are racking up the cost of your Shopify store. Also, keep in mind that it’s not wise to install more apps than you need as this can affect performance.

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