Why Are There Friendship Restrictions on Facebook

Facebook has made a complete overhaul of its service, after getting a case of data privacy of its users being leaked and someone taking advantage of it without permission. Quoted from Tech Cruch, now some Facebook users will find a new feature on the friend request page. This has actually been implemented by Snapchat long ago. This feature is a timeout when receiving friend requests. If you see the friend request page and there is a request that you have not agreed to. Then in that section, there will be a description, that this friend request has a time limit. Automatically, Facebook will remove the friend request from your friend request page .

This Feature is a Timeout When Receiving

Of course, Facebook had a reason why it released the feature. Facebook’s New Feature to Delete Friends Facebook really wants its users to get used to not missing the opportunity to add new friends. If the user objected, then Facebook will help you to delete the friend request. Based on Facebook accounts that have gotten the feature, Facebook provides a time limit for not or agreeing to friend requests up to a 14 day time limit. Even from the Facebook side, said that they are conducting trials so that not all Facebook users find this new feature. In fact, the new feature will dubai mobile number also help Facebook from popular figures who usually get lots of friend requests, but don’t have time to check and approve them one by one.

Facebook’s New Feature to Delete Friends


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Actually, without realizing it, this feature has made Facebook users to check the application more often. In addition, its function is also to find out whether there is an incoming friend request or not. Of course, this may help Facebook users after a campaign that CL Leads encourages users to delete their Facebook account. The result of the result of the case is the leakage of user data. This feature will usually keep you more private from some of the friends that Facebook has restricted. How do you feel after reading this article? Have you understood it? And you should practice it at home so you can better understand it. Hopefully useful. Visit and register to Campusdigital.

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