Are E-commerce Retailers Armenia Cell Phone Number Who Believe in Content Play

With the development of special sales e-commerce, the competition in the industry has become increasingly fierce. And in order to occupy a place in the market, major e-commerce companies have start to play content. But at Armenia Cell Phone Number  present, in this model. Major e-commerce companies still face many Pain points. In recent years. Many special-selling e-commerce companies have become prosperous by relying on their own marketing models.

With the Development of Special Sales E-commerce.

However, as the competition for the realization of traffic on e-commerce platforms has gradually become fierce, if you want to occupy a place in e-commerce, you must take the lead that attracts the attention of consumers. Differentiat routes, so the content model is gradually being valu by e-commerce platforms. Although there is still no clear Armenia Cell Phone Number   definition of content e-commerce. It is generally consider that the combination of text. Pictures, and video marketing and consumer shopping experience are consider essential elements of content e-commerce. According to the “China E-commerce Panorama List in the First Half of 2017” recently releas by iiMia Research. Vipshop, Zhe800, and Chuchu Street are all on the list of the top six e-commerce retailers.

However, as the Competition for the Realization of Traffic.

Armenia Cell Phone Number
Armenia Cell Phone Number

The three special-selling e-commerce companies all focus on the content route, but the continuous extension of content play has creat many pain points of their own. Vipshop: The model is easy to copy. And the brand may leave Found in 2008, Vipshop has enter the e-commerce industry with the slogan of “Vipshop, a website specializing Armenia Cell Phone Number  in special sales”. As of March 31, 2017. Vipshop has achiev profitability for 18 consecutive quarters. It is understood that Vipshop adopts the model of “brand discount + display snap-up + genuine product guarantee”. And it takes the high-end product route but offers genuine product sales. It was once call “online outlet”. In order to ensure that the content mode channel can bring a better experience to consumers.  Vipshop has its own experience in monitoring product quality.

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