Application of AIDA Powerful Formulas for Sales

AIDA formula

Have you ever wondered why your business is not progressing? Have you promoted your business properly? do you know how to promote a business properly and correctly? The answer to your problem is AIDA.


What is AIDA? in this article you can understand what AIDA is and apply it to your business

First of all you have to know what AIDA is. A is attention or attention. I is interest or interesting. D is desire or desire and the last A is action. In conclusion, AIDA is a powerful marketing strategy to attract customers through the steps described above.

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Then, how can you apply phone number lists it in your business?

Applying AIDA to your business


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First of all you have to attract the attention of potential customers, you have to attract attention so they know about your business. The application is to create content that can attract their attention, such as, making attractive titles, images and interesting first paragraphs.


You want to sell skin brightening or whitening products for Indonesian teenagers, this is roughly the sentence:

€œTired of your dull skin? you have done all kinds of ways but nothing works? Try our products!â€Â


Second, once you’ve got the customer’s attention, you have to make sure your target customers and understand their problems. This will get their attention. You can provide statistics or information and reasons why they should buy products from your brand


Selling skin brightening or whitening products for Indonesian teenagers:

Try our product!


Third, after your potential customers are interested and know the problems they are facing, your product must be a solution to your prospective customers’ problems. Make potential buyers want your product.


Explain the benefits of your product.

“contains yam which is believed to whiten and brighten the skin”

4. Action

Finally, make an invitation sentence that directs potential customers to do something


“Swipe up to order products!”

In conclusion AIDA is one of many ways to promote your product. If you want to learn more about digital marketing, let’s be a part of us at Campus Digital


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