Api Rest Knows the Importance of That Resource for the Performance of a Web Page

API Rest is the set of best practices used in HTTP requests made by an API in a web application. Understand how this technology works, what types of APIs exist, and their importance on a website. Ivan Dsouza Mar 17, 20 | 5 min read how Rest API works What is a Rest API? If you want to know how to create a website that uses best practices for building web applications, you need to understand that concept. It is about understanding how to use HTTP requests within specific guidelines, since they are responsible for consistently mapping the elements of a web application.


Understanding This Topic is Important Api Rest Knows the

Since this technology is used to facilitate communication between a back-end application and different forms of front-end presentations, that is, it is essential Iceland Phone Number for the development of cross-platform applications . We made this post to explain how that concept works. Throughout the text, you will see: What is a Rest API? What types of Rest API exist? What is a Rest API for? How important is Rest API for the company website? What are the advantages of using API Rest? Do you want to know the importance of Rest architecture in the performance of your website ? Let’s go there!


Before Introducing the Concept of Rest

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API, it is necessary to explain what an API (Application Programming Interface) is. It is a set of requirements that allows data communication between applications. For that, the API uses HTTP requests responsible for the basic operations necessary for data manipulation. The main requests are: POST: create data on the server ; GET: read data on host ; DELETE: delete the information; PUT: update log. Rest, which is short for Representational State Transfer, is a set of constraints used to make HTTP requests comply with the guidelines defined in the .

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