Optimizing 360 Vr Video And Images For Seo

With little fanfare earlier this year google rolled. Out a way to embed 360-degree vr media for headsets into search engine-optimizable web pages accessible via desktop and mobile. That’s right, immersive vr videos and images for vr headsets can now be optimized for search. Accessed directly from google. And experienced on desktop and mobile devices, with or withou.T the need for a native mobile app. Or a vr headset. ( full disclosure: I own stock on google.)given that google has shipped over five million cardboard vr headsets and more than. 12 million vr headsets are expected to sell this year. This innovation represents a major opportunity for search marketers in travel. Real estate design education and other sectors.

While it has always been possible to embed 360 VR media into

While it has always been possible to embed 360 vr media into pages. For desktop and mobile consumption compatibility issues have made it nearly impossible to embed content for vr headsets into pages. Website. Google’s “Vr view” changes that by making. Immersive Spain WhatsApp Number List 360-degree vr media interoperable and addressing. Concerns about the “Limited availability of vr hardware among the general public.” google vr view for the web supports 360 virtual reality through google cardboard devices. For mobile and desktop users without a vr headset. Vr view pages by default use a “magic window” accessible through mobile browser.S and apps and through search engines. After the 360 ​​vr revolution.

Additionally more and more searches indicate that 360

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Additionally, more and more searches indicate that 360 VR content is increasing engagement, interactions, views, shares, subscriptions, time on page and empathy. Search engines can interpret these as signals of quality content, which, as you may already know, can be critical for rankings. Quality content is kind of the crux of good virtual reality . When executed correctly, 360 VR videos and images give users a sense of “presence” or a sense of being “somewhere else”. The idea of ​​“presence” is near and dear to Google, as Alphabet co-founder and CEO Larry Page considered focusing on telepresence in college rather than search. Rather than being its own in-house product at Google, VR is more of a cross-departmental concept that every product manager is encouraged to explore and understand. Google employees working on search,




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