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Tips on how to promote your event Get your event website ready and generate content based on your social media strategy Are we using a brand’s social media profile or creating a new profile for the event? October 15, 2020 Google becomes the first global digital company to join the European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA) as a corporate member Tags Google Comfort Advertising Standards Alliance Read later Favorites0 Ads Data-Centric.DATADAY2022 The European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA), of which the four-time Spanish data-driven business benchmarking event AUTOCONTROL is a member, today welcomed Google as the first global digital company to join EASA as a corporate member for a phone number list all over Indonesia.

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Self-regulatory systems for phone number listings in Indonesia demonstrates Google’s commitment to responsible advertising. Since its inception, Google has joined a network of 28 national advertising self-regulatory agencies that apply their respective countries’ advertising codes of conduct. This consumer-oriented network of independent self-regulatory agencies Lithuania Phone Number defends high ethical standards in advertising by advising in advance, controlling and monitoring regulatory compliance, and processing and resolving claims in advertising matters. Likewise, the network consists of 13 other international advertising industry associations representing different players in the advertising ecosystem (advertisers, agencies and media), all committed to responsible advertising.


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System has been promoting trust in the advertisements and helping to maintain a loyal, authentic, honest and legal Indonesian phone number list. José Domingo Gómez Castallo, General Manager of AUTOCONTROL Indonesia Phone Number List, assures that “This relationship will strengthen Google’s cooperation with the different self-regulatory bodies that are part of EASA, through which the advertising industry in each market works to protect consumers from misleading and inappropriate advertising. In addition, the association will help strengthen the EASA network in this era of permanent transformation to responsibly address advertising spread through the use of technology.” AUTCONTROL is as pleased with EASA’s new members as EASA President Stéphane Martin, who insists that the European platform is “pleased to welcome Google as a member of EASA and a partner in the self-regulatory network” and that “this move reflects Google’s commitment to working with global initiatives and .

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