An Analysis Framework for Cambodia Cell Phone Number the Business Model

With the help of the Internet, traditional industries can reach a new level. Internet+ is the hottest concept in China in 2015. The reason why this concept is so popular lies in the historical inevitability of China’s economic development. Looking Cambodia Cell Phone Number  at China’s economic development in the past 20 years, besides high-speed rail and infrastructure.The Internet is what the leaders of the state can best demonstrate when they visit. The vigorous development of the Internet economy in the past 20 years is due to the huge population base. The lack of monopoly and constraints in new fields, and the relatively isolated Internet environment in China.

With the Help of the Internet, Traditional Industries.

From the earliest 1.0 portal to 2.0 UGC, and now in the mobile Internet era, the Internet has gradually penetrated into the real economy and directly affects people’s daily lives. In the face of this emerging field of innovation. The country naturally expects that the Internet can drive the development of traditional industry economies Cambodia Cell Phone Number when the downward pressure on the economy increases. So it has high hopes for “Internet +”. Compared with traditional industries. The business model of Internet companies has many unique features. In the past, practitioners in traditional industries would somewhat doubt that games like the Internet industry could actually make money. However, the rapid progress of the BAT industry giants has indeed impressed people in the traditional industry.

From the Earliest 1.0 Portal to 2.0 Ugc, and Now in the Mobile Internet.

Cambodia Cell Phone Number
Cambodia Cell Phone Number

Business models in the Internet industry often carry these labels:free Free is a stepping stone for Internet companies to try to subvert the same industry. This is actually making full use of the almost zero marginal cost of the network and software. Using free to attract as many users as possible, and then finding ways to obtain benefits Cambodia Cell Phone Number  from advertising, high-net-worth users and other fields. Although software is valuable, people who still want to make money from software have become short-sighted alternatives. User participation On the Internet platform. It is no longer simply that the company plays the role of creation unilaterally. And users will also actively participate in creating content and value. This was unthinkable in a business model where value was simply created by the company and then distributed to customers. viscosity The Internet wants to stick with users as long as possible.

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