Among its main functions are the definition of the bep, managing the fluidity of

Teams require highly qualified personnel , trained in this methodology. All these conditions must be reflected in the bim execution plan or bep (bim execution plan) and this document must be attached to the contract. We must think that this bep is a document that will be adapted to each type of project, depending on its phases or its members. In addition, The main members of a bep bim project manager or project director: must be appointed by the client and will have to lead the project team. This project manager will be responsible for achieving the objectives while meeting customer expectations. Bim manager : who will be designated by the project management team.

All these conditions must be reflected in the

You must lead the process and quality of the bim methodology adapted to the project. Among its main functions are the definition of the bep, managing the fluidity of collaborative work, coordinating the design team and establishing compliance with the project stages within the context In addition, of its Latvia Phone Number development, managing the model from its origin to its implementation and execution, guaranteeing interoperability between platforms and tools. Bim coordinator : will be responsible for coordinating the work within the same discipline in order to comply with the requirements demanded by the bim manager.

All this through the integration of people

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In a project there will be as many bim coordinators as there are specialties required to carry out the project. Facility management : its mission will be to ensure the management. In addition, Of the operation of the buildings and the services that are associated with them, trying to ensure the highest quality. All this through the integration of people, spaces, processes and the technologies of real estate. Bim modeler : will be responsible for modeling following the provisions of the bim execution plan. What is a bim modeller?

He is responsible for the creation, development and management of bim models for bim execution plan projects. He must ensure the proper development of the plan using the different types. In addition, Of representation and extraction of data from the technical documentation provided. Main functions and responsibilities of the bim modeler it will be a. Person with knowledge in construction because it has to be modeled as it is built . You will need to provide critical information for all disciplines involved using bim software tools. You will need to be responsible for

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