Alt Text Examples and Seo Image Optimization

Images with alt text (alternative text) are an important asset for any web page. They make a page easier to read, make it more visually appealing, and help present a topic better. Therefore, having good alt text for all your images increases a site’s accessibility and also aids. SEO for both image search and web search. In this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about SEO image optimization and alt text. In particular, we will cover the following topics: What is alt text? Why is visual alt text important? Alt Text and SEO How to write good alt text (with examples)?

Why Is Visual Alt Text Important Providing an

How to add alt text to a photo? Conclusion What is alt text? Alt Text (also known as alt text or alt attribute) is the text that accurately describes an image. It is added to the tag in a page’s HTML code. Below is an example of alt text for an image displayed when a page is viewed in a browser but becomes visible when an image fails to load. Search engine crawlers read the UAE Phone Number List alt text value and screen readers use it to “explain” the image to users who can’t see it.

Alt Text Helps a Web Page Rank in Web Search Results

Why is visual alt text important? Providing an alt text for all your images is important for four reasons: The alt text value is displayed in place of the image when the image fails to load (in case users have low-bandwidth connections)Alt text improves the accessibility of a page. Visually impaired and screen reader users can hear the description of the image. This is also one of the core principles of SEO-friendly web design. Search engines use alt text to understand what an image is about, and it’s good for SEO. If the image is used as a link, the alt text is used as the link text.


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