All about consultative selling: what it is advantages steps

What is consultative selling?
Consultative selling is an approach in which the salesperson also acts as a consultant. More than selling at all costs. The professional listens to the potential customer. Understands their needs and seeks. Together with them. The most appropriate solution.

The idea emerged in the 1970s. With the launch of the Finland Phone Number book consultative selling . By b2b seller mack hanan. In the book. The author shows how salespeople can establish a partnership with their customers. Helping them to make the best business decisions.

This approach is very different from traditional selling. In which the salesperson does not bother to investigate the problems the customer faces and directs efforts to close the deal.

In consultative selling. On the other hand.

The salesperson needs to prepare by studying the potential customer. Before starting the offer. He talks and understands the moment the consumer is going through.

Consultative sales gained prominence due to the great transformation that consumer behavior has undergone. Driven by the internet. Today. Customers research product and service features online and access reviews even before looking for the company.

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In this new scenario. The seller is no longer the holder of the information. It is up to him. Therefore. To offer something that cannot be found in these other sources. Which is to understand the reality of potential customers and their market and offer a customized solution according to each case.

What businesses is consultative selling suitable for?
Consultative selling is an approach that is not tied to a specific selling model. It can be combined with field sales . Or external sales. And also with inside sales . Or internal sales. The same goes for the company’s audience: you can use it in both b2b and b2c-oriented businesses.

However. It is more common for companies that make sales of this

Type to be those with the highest average ticket. Which sell to other companies. As consultative selling takes time from sellers and building a relationship with potential customers. It is often adopted by businesses that sell high added value.

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what are the benefits of consultative selling?
Consultative selling is a win-win approach not just for customers. For the company. It brings fewer cancellations. More retention and referrals. An increase in the average ticket and a more satisfied clientele.

Learn more about the benefits:

most satisfied customers
customers who purchased the solution they needed will use it and certainly get good results from it. Therefore. One of the main advantages of consultative selling is increased customer satisfaction.

Less cancellations
most companies fear cancellations (the famous churn ). But don’t know how to avoid it. Consultative selling can also help in this reduction. As expectations about the product or service will be well aligned from the beginning. By making a sure purchase and valuing the solution. The customer is less likely to cancel.

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