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While both products are pretty easy to use, Shopify is on another level. One of the biggest advantages of a hosted ecommerce platform is that after you sign up, you can immediately start to work on your site. Shopify is set up to guide you from A to Z in such a way that you can launch your site in minutes. You won’t see any code and you can just click around to get your store looking like you want.

With WooCommerce, it might take a little more to get going because you need to go through the process of installing it. What’s more, if you don’t have a WordPress site you need to Algeria Phone Number set that up as well. Luckily, there are plenty of high-quality web hosts that offer all-in-one plans for WooCommerce shops. Once you’ve set up everything, you can run through the settings, install WooCommerce add-ons, pick a theme et cetera, et cetera.

As WooCommerce is proud of its flexibility, it comes with everything and the kitchen sink, giving you detailed control over the store. What WooCommerce doesn’t have out of the Algeria Phone Number box, you can add via add-ons. All of this does mean that WooCommerce is less beginner-friendly than Shopify.

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Having a great, functional look for your online store is important. If your site appears messy, potential customers will likely not trust it. Luckily, both ecommerce platforms come with ample choice to get the design you want for your products to stand out.

Shopify has around eighty themes available in the Theme Store, both free and premium. Not too long ago, Shopify announced Online Store 2.0, a completely redesigned theme architecture — including a cutting-edge new default theme. This makes it a lot easier to customize themes as you can now edit every section of your site, not just your homepage. Shopify will use a Gutenberg-like block system to help you build those pages. All of this will help you get more done, without touching any code.

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