Digital Advertising and Its Types

In today’s era, the forms of product advertising are very diverse. starting from television, radio, newspapers, internet, and even social media. This article will discuss Advertising in marketing products and services. Come on, see more! Promising Advertising Business – Indoposco.idDigital Advertising and Its Types What is Digital Advertising Digital advertising is marketing that is carrie out by someone using digital internet media with the aim of reaching more targete, broad and fast prospective customers. Internet media that you usually use such as Google search engines, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram.

What is Digital Advertising

Digital advertising can be arrange base on the target audience, time, location and media so that has a lower cost compare to conventional. Types of Advertising There are many types of advertising, so you can freely create advertising material so that it can produce better conversions. Well, here are the types of digital that are widely use today: Search Engine Marketing Search Engine Marketing is a type of that uses search engines as its medium. Usually advertisements on this search engine use the australian mobile number Pay Per Click system , which is paid for each ad clicke by the user.

Types of Digital Advertising


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With SEM ads like this you are free to set your ad budget, show time, target audience and also ad copy. You can also see the ad performance directly whether it brings profit or not. PPC ads can appear in search results and also websites that work with search engines such as Google, Bing etc. Social Media Marketing Social Media Marketing or SEM is CL Leads a digital marketing technique whose advertisements appear on social media accounts such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. Now, there are many advertisements on social media in various forms, such as display ads, text ads and videos. Trend Digital Advertising Talking about the current digital advertising trend in Indonesia, every year this trend is always increasing very rapidly.

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