Interesting Facebook Ads Facts That You Must Know

Facebook as one of the largest social media in the world, not only general users but also business owners. Facebook ads have a broad market coverage to all corners of the world besides that the costs are relatively affordable for business owners. However, there are still many unknown facts about Facebook ads, along with an explanation of interesting Facebook ads that you must know interesting facts about facebook ads 1. Provide many advertising options As an advertising platform, Facebook ads provide many advertising options such as click to chat, cost per click, cost per mille, cost per view, cost per action and cost per like. With this many choices, it makes it easier for you to determine how to advertise according to your business .

Check Out Interesting Facts From Facebook Ads

Provide user insight Facebook ads provide a targeting feature to make it easier for users to choose a promotional target market. Facebook requires new users to fill in their personal data, this aims to make it easier to classify data, besides that it also makes the marketing system easier for business owners. Armed with information related to income, purchasing power, and some other important information, we are able to establish communication with target consumers 3. Easy in payment Facebook ads make it easy for users to make payments. To make payments, you philippines mobile number can go through an atm or deposit cash at the bank, so for those of you who don’t have a credit card, you don’t need to be confused 4.

Provide Many Advertising Options


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Requires a different strategy in placing ads Each desktop and mobile device requires a different placement strategy and consumer behavior. It’s better if we divide campaigns that are specific to certain devices only read also: learn how to use facebook ads, yuk! 5. Have many active users Facebook ads is one of the advertising platforms with the largest active CL Leads users. Facebook users from various circles from young to adults. Facebook has personal data from users. This system makes it easy to promote products to users 6. The amount of text affects the effectiveness Facebook itself states that creatives that contain little and no text have a higher effectiveness than that Facebook has a classification of the amount of text that appears in image creatives. After knowing interesting facts about Facebook ads.

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