How to Access Audience Insights for Beginners

Audience insight is a Facebook tool that provides various information data ranging from user demographics, liked posts, location and much more. This tool makes it easier for business owners to evaluate the content they have uploaded, not only that, this tool also tells what kind of advertisement or content is currently viral and attracts the attention of users. As a business owner, understanding Facebook’s audience insight is the right choice for determining marketing strategies. For those of you who are still confused about how to access Facebook audience insights, see the following review! How to use facebook audience insights for beginners.

Enter the Facebook Insight page

Enter the Facebook Insight page The first step you can take is to enter the Facebook Insights page , click here . After that click the login menu to enter Using business email When you are going to do research on Facebook Insight, it’s a good idea if you use your business email, this is useful to make it easier for you to place ads after research. After you enter the page, click the 3 line menu on the right then click the insights menu Klik potential audience The next step, when you click on Insights, will exit the potential audience menu option. In this menu you can see german phone number and  create your own target market. At the top right you will see the time period that Facebook has set automatically.

Enter Your Business Product Type


german phone number


Click menu filter After you enter the potential audience page, Facebook will present the total number of Facebook and Instagram users in Indonesia, which totals 160 million. To classify you can click the filter menu. In this menu you can classify your target audience from location, gender, age, interest and even the type of language the audience uses CL Leads Enter your business product type After classifying you can enter the type of product in the interest column, after you determine it, the number on the left will change to a potential target number according to the classification you submitted Reading data reports After finishing classifying Facebook Insights will present detailed data reports about age, gender, location and so on.

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